A system is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have an open in the system such as: a cable, solenoid, motor, controller, shifter or a battery; the car will not run. Likewise, if you have a component that is too small to carry a given load, the car will not perform up to desired performance.
You must have a power source (the batteries). They must be able to store the energy required for the demand the motor makes. We must be able to deliver that stored energy through the correct size conductors (cables). Then we have to be able to turn that delivery on and off with a contractor (solenoid) of the correct size. Next we need a device to vary the amount of energy demanded by the motor. This device is called a controller and has multiple amperage and throttle inputs. The motor is the one component that actually controls the speed and torque of the system. The speed and torque of a motor is influenced by many factors: large tires, hills, loads, heat and cold.


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