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E-Z-GO, Bad Boy Buggies and Cushman We continue to grow!

We continue to grow! We are adding the Cushman dealership to our line of vehicles. For those of you who might not know, E-Z-GO, Bad Boy Buggies and Cushman are part of Textron Corporation (a fortune 5000 company headquartered in Providence Rhode Island). The manufacturing takes place in Augusta, Georgia – made in America!

First things first. They are now called cars (not carts).Carts are what you push in the grocery store. They are off-road vehicles (and some on-road vehicles), utility vehicles, personal people carriers, camp ground vehicles and hunting vehicles – and “fun transportation.”

Recoil iS Crew
Recoil iS Crew

VERY NEW coming soon is the Bad Boy Buggies Recoil iS Crew. It has two forward-facing bench seats, a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain, a 33-mile range between charges and an independent suspension that makes the ride smooth for the entire crew. Sheffield financing is available for all who qualify.

Who needs a golf car? Many seniors, campers, warehousing, apartments and condo, property management to name a few. (It sure beats pushing a wheel barrel)!

The Terrain 1000 72V has joined the E-Z-GO vehicle line-up. It features a 72V induction motor; 22 peak hp; 9 – 8V battery pack, 350 amp controller, and more. A rear facing seat is an option (replacing the utility box).

We also have used cars for sale from the basic to the customized.



We are excited to announce that in addition to being an E-Z-GO dealer, we are now also a Bad Boy Buggies dealer.

E W Gardner Golf Cars, LLC services Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts with new and used golf cars and work vehicles. For more information visit or call

BAD BOY BUGGIES NEWS (posted November 10, 2011)
Introducing the Ambush!
Bad Boy Buggies announces the next generation of ultimate hunting machines – the Bad Boy Buggies® Ambush™ utility vehicle. With the Ambush, outdoorsmen no longer have to choose between the silent, odorless operation of an electric vehicle or the extended range offered by a gas powertrain. The Ambush features both a 48-volt electric drivetrain and a 16 hp, 480cc V-Twin gas engine, either of which can operate the vehicle independently in two-wheel-drive operation, or which can be operated in tandem for four-wheel-drive power. With a range of up to 100 miles, the Ambush offers the avid hunter a solution for longer hunting excursions where both extended range and low-noise, odorless operation are necessary for a successful hunt.
The Ambush will be available in both a four-passenger model with a rear-facing back seat, and a two-passenger model with a 9.6-cubic-foot cargo bed. The vehicle provides three separate operating modes: rear-wheel-drive 2WD gas, front-wheel-drive 2WD electric, and 4WD with both gas and electric powertrains engaged. Operators can shift from gas to electric mode “on the fly” using a simple control integrated into the vehicle’s key switch.”An onboard computer coordinates the operation of the Ambush’s dual powertrains, ensuring that the gas and electric systems work together for maximum power and efficiency and making control easy for the driver. The Ambush will be available for delivery in late summer, and E W Gardner Golf Cars has begin to take orders for the vehicle.


In early October 2011 E-Z-GO introduced major upgrades across the utility vehicle line. This update gives the vehicles a modern, more aggressive look, increases their versatility and functionality across all segments, and ultimately drives customer excitement and sales growth for E-Z-GO and its distribution partners. The most noticeable change will be the new cowl design and standard front brush guard for all utility vehicles. The new cowl is much more aggressive than the previous design, and better positions our utility vehicles as rugged machines built for hard work and rough play. It is complemented by a front fascia underneath the cowl that completes the assertive look and also provides protection for the front suspension and other vehicle components. Finally, the brush guard is shaped from tubular steel, with reinforced connection points where it joins the cowl to guard against breakage due to hard daily use and abuse. The new cowl also features large, round integrated headlights, with the ability to add optional integrated turn signals. The new headlight design looks more contemporary and also improves lighting performance, with better light dispersion in front of and around the vehicle. For even better lighting performance, the vehicles can be fitted with optional high-output LED headlamps.

For vehicles with cargo beds, the look is continued with a new top and strut design that is much beefier and more modern than the current “golf-car” top. The new struts are fabricated from thick tubular steel, and are more steeply raked in the front for a sportier, more aggressive look. The new top is injection-molded with reinforced ribbing for high strength at lighter weight, and combines an updated look with improved protection from the elements for driver and passenger.
In addition to the changes above, the E-Z-GO ST line of trail-utility vehicles will be discontinued and replaced by two distinct product lines: the E-Z-GO Terrain line of utility vehicles with cargo beds, and the E-Z-GO Express line of utility vehicles with additional seating for moving multiple passengers.