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Bad Boy Buggies announces the addition of the RECOIL, RECOIL IS and INSTINCT to its fleet of off-road utility vehicles. These fully electric models offer outdoor enthusiasts the revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art design necessary for long days on the trail.

“We’re proud to add these new models to the BAD BOY BUGGIES family because they offer hunters and outdoor enthusiasts the ability to choose the perfect fit for their individual lifestyles,” said Eric Bondy, vice president of the consumer value stream for BAD BOY BUGGIES. “The innovative engineering present in these products encompasses quiet power, range and versatility. In short, they provide everything you need to handle the most challenging outdoor pursuits.”

First in the new product line are the RECOIL AND THE RECOIL IS. Both models feature fully electric, zero-emissions full-time 4WD, and tackle the trails with a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain that offers up to 40 miles of range between charges. Rack-and-pinion steering provides for improved control, as well as reduced turning radius and significantly decreased steering effort from previous BAD BOY BUGGIES models. Both models also feature four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power. The RECOIL features an independent front suspension for a more comfortable ride and improved handling, and a standard 5.9-cubic-foot cargo bed to haul gear or the latest hunting trophy. The RECOIL IS adds four-wheel independent front suspension for an even smoother ride, a 10.2-cubic-foot aluminum cargo bed to haul larger loads, and also features nine 8-volt batteries for greater range and power.

In addition, the RECOIL AND RECOIL IS include aggressive new styling and design that incorporates a number of new safety features, including an operator-protective structure (OPS), three-point seat belts and side safety nets. In lieu of the standard cargo bed, both the RECOIL AND THE RECOIL IS can be built with an optional, factory-installed rear seat that converts in seconds into a cargo deck.

For customers who don’t need 4WD capability, the INSTINCT offers many of the features of the RECOIL line in a 2WD machine. The INSTINCT offers a whisper-quiet 72-volt AC electric drivetrain that provides up to 50 miles of range between charges. The INSTINCT also includes an independent front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and safety features such as an occupant protective structure (OPS), three-point seat belts and side safety nets.

A 5.9-cubic-foot cargo bed is standard equipment for the Instinct, which can also be equipped with an optional, factory-installed rear-facing seat that converts into a cargo deck for those customers who need to carry up to four passengers.

To meet the specific needs or style of any owner, the RECOIL, THE RECOIL IS AND THE INSTINCT can be customized with a wide variety of options and accessories, including a winch, cargo rack, gun boots and gun/bow racks, LED spotlights, and weather enclosures.
The new models join the AMBUSHTM, a dynamic gas and electric hybrid introduced to hunters earlier this year. The AMBUSH and RECOIL IS are available now at E W Gardner Golf Cars, LLC an authorized dealer.



In early October 2011 E-Z-GO introduced major upgrades across the utility vehicle line. This update gives the vehicles a modern, more aggressive look, increases their versatility and functionality across all segments, and ultimately drives customer excitement and sales growth for E-Z-GO and its distribution partners. The most noticeable change will be the new cowl design and standard front brush guard for all utility vehicles. The new cowl is much more aggressive than the previous design, and better positions our utility vehicles as rugged machines built for hard work and rough play. It is complemented by a front fascia underneath the cowl that completes the assertive look and also provides protection for the front suspension and other vehicle components. Finally, the brush guard is shaped from tubular steel, with reinforced connection points where it joins the cowl to guard against breakage due to hard daily use and abuse. The new cowl also features large, round integrated headlights, with the ability to add optional integrated turn signals. The new headlight design looks more contemporary and also improves lighting performance, with better light dispersion in front of and around the vehicle. For even better lighting performance, the vehicles can be fitted with optional high-output LED headlamps.

For vehicles with cargo beds, the look is continued with a new top and strut design that is much beefier and more modern than the current “golf-car” top. The new struts are fabricated from thick tubular steel, and are more steeply raked in the front for a sportier, more aggressive look. The new top is injection-molded with reinforced ribbing for high strength at lighter weight, and combines an updated look with improved protection from the elements for driver and passenger.
In addition to the changes above, the E-Z-GO ST line of trail-utility vehicles will be discontinued and replaced by two distinct product lines: the E-Z-GO Terrain line of utility vehicles with cargo beds, and the E-Z-GO Express line of utility vehicles with additional seating for moving multiple passengers.


If you own an electric golf car, it is best to plug it into a 110 outlet w/20 amp circuit and not have anything else plugged into the same outlet. Also recommended is a good quality surge protector. DEFINITION OF A GOLF CAR: (not defined as a motor vehicle under federal law)
Golf cars are defined under Z130.1 as a vehicle used to convey a person or persons and equipment to play the game of golf in an area designated as a golf course. To qualify as a golf car, the vehicle’s average speed shall be less that 15 mph.
Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV) or Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)
A vehicle capable of 15 MPH or more.
A PTV is a self propelled vehicle with a minimum of 4 wheels, capable of a maximum level ground speed of less than 20 mph, maximum rated pay load capacity of 1200 lbs, maximum gross vehicle weight of 2,500 lbs, without a load platform and capable of transporting not more than four persons, operating on designated roadways where permitted by law or the applicable regulatory authority within a closed community.